Friday, September 01, 2006

A quick ramble

I have been logging some weekday miles but nothing of note. Just enjoying the time to ride my bike. The tandem has been getting a bit of work this week with only two trips to school by car (weather & flats were to blame). I have hauled recycling down a couple of times and flipped the trailer for the first time, good thing it was only loaded with papers.

Cross season is only three weeks away! The folks at Mob replaced the bottom bracket in the IRD and we are ready to roll. Before I can think about cross, I have to start training for a trip south to ACL. We will be visiting the King of Brykerwood for the weekend, which means lots of beer and coffee with a visit from Don Julio. More details later.

Received an article from the Chicago paper stating that it is against the law to ride a bike without brakes. That means all those fixed gear riders cruising the streets are breaking the law. Does this mean that the folks riding at the Northbrook Velodrome are also breaking the law?

I haven't been following the Vuelta, but I have been watching the Tour of Britain. Kristian House, ex-Violet Crown Junior, is riding in the top twenty.

All for now, heading to the high country for the long weekend.

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sda said...

House is quite a kid. I worked with him at Freewheeling in Austin back in the winter of '98. I was a 2 just scraping by - working parttime, living in a crappy apartment at 21st and Pearl.

I got to ride with him a bit that winter. I was impressed with his humility (he was a very talented junior, obviously) and it has been fantastic to watch him progress. I know that the VC guys have got to be very proud of him.