Friday, September 29, 2006


I have been following the recent string of comments on 'cross racing in CO. It makes me a little perplexed that so many racers are complaining about the way the courses are set up. We all race for different reasons, I race to be challenged and every course should provide an adequate degree of difficulty. That may mean some tight sections with twisiting corners, sand/gravel pits or long road sections. If I knew every course was going to be laid out exactly the same, I would opt not to race every weekend. That said, when living in Austin there was one 'cross race for the season and we were just happy racing our bikes. I become tired of the cycling community in CO some times because they feel that the promoters should make each race perfect for them, I have news the world is not a perfect place. Enough.

One kid is still sick and the lack of bike time has made me edgy!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

'Cross pictures and impending doom

Found some pictures of me racing down in Colorado Springs here, here, and here. Professional pictures are on this site. Found this cool 'Cross site from a guy in Boulder.

Part of my job is to take care of small childern when they are unable to attend school due to illness, so today instead for riding I am home tending to Fallon who caught her brother intestinal virus. Lots of vitamins, water, EmergenC, and coffee to help me stave off this weight loss opportunity.

If I don't get sick, it looks like a double dose of 'Cross - Boulder on Saturday and Littleton on Sunday.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Season Opener

The 'Cross season started!
Drove to the Springs yesterday to partake in the first race of the season, it was well worth the drive down. The morning start brisk with the course still a tad muddy from the previous nights rain. Pre-rode the course to determine which bike, IRD or Waltworks, would be called up for the first race. Ran the IRD for the first race because it has gears and I knew I could ride the muddy section on it. Race one started great as I was with the lead group to the first set of barriers, then completely lost contact as the body went into shut down mode. Recovered and found myself painfully chasing down riders. Ended up with a 12th place finish not that far off the lead. I was hoping to capture a top ten finish but overall happy. Race two, the Waltworks got the call! I geared it with a 32x15, which was the perfect all around gear. I suffered like a dog and ended up finishing 17th. It is great to be back in race mode!

No race today as Rene is running the Backroads Marathon. I plan on taking the kids to the race in Morrison.

I am sorry to hear that the EnduroSnob Epic has been cancelled, it looks like the focus will be changed to hard efforts in order to finally get my lazy butt moved up a class in 'cross.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beer, bikes, and bands!

So, I have just posted some quote and pictures since returning from what I still consider home. Time for a short recap of the madness. We tried to deal with the experience from the saddle of a bike as much as possible. The fest was great but a crush of people tended to overwhelm and in my opinion take away from the music. My favorite bands were Nickel Creek and The Greencards, both bluegrass bands. Missed the South Austin Jug Band! All in all a fun was had at ACL Fest.

Austin is one of those cities that I come away from inspired. I am not sure if it is the vibe or maybe just the people I hang with. The King of Brykerwood has been waging a war on McMansions that have been ruining the charm of central Austin. With a new ordinance, it looks that his efforts paid off. He says his political ambitions end there, even though Brykerwoods has been the springboard for mayor.

Also, caught up with the folks from Orrmanor. I am so happy after all these years to have had someone like him as a mentor when I started racing on the road. We were able to grad a few pints at the Bark&Quack, a few Mexican Martinis at Trudy's, and finished of slamming a beer at Barflys. I did get turned around on the way home riding aimless for 30 mins until finally passing the old house on Salado. The bike almost took control and rolled me to the gate, if it wasn't for the monolith in the backyard I would have done it. Rene was able to run the next am with D's wife as he tended to the kids (I left his house around 3am and the kids woke at 5:40am).

Summary of places I visited: Homeslice, Deep Eddy Cabaret, Mangias, Toy Joy, Wheatsville, Texadelphia, Trudys, Bark & Quack, Amys, Kerby Lane, Central Market, Barflys, plus many more!

Hope to visit again when the humidity is low and I have time to take some long bike rides to places like Elroy (not really)!

Cross season starts on Saturday. Let the pain begin......

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ACL Fest

Some bicycle related photos from the madness Austin calls Austin City Limits Fest!

Monday, September 18, 2006

"Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels."
Ann Richards

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The leaves are changing

It seems the more free time I have the less time I spend on the computer. The weather has been great for the past few weeks, which means heading out and enjoying it.
Some pictures from the route I took on Labor day, a nice easy 11 mile grind up to Boreas Pass. The leaves were changing with absolutely clear blue skies. My wife actually took the pictures on her run up this road the day before I rode it. It was my job to see how many miles she ran ~ 22 miles!

Making a quick trip to Austin for ACL fest (has nothing to do with an orthopedic convention). Plan on meeting up with the old gang and visiting some drinking holes (Bark&Quack, Deep Eddy, Crown&Spanker, and Trudy's). Might try to hook up with the folks at OrrManor for a ride/run. It will be a nice break before 'cross season kicks in.

Frozen Fixed Fete coming the weekend after cross!

Friday, September 01, 2006

A quick ramble

I have been logging some weekday miles but nothing of note. Just enjoying the time to ride my bike. The tandem has been getting a bit of work this week with only two trips to school by car (weather & flats were to blame). I have hauled recycling down a couple of times and flipped the trailer for the first time, good thing it was only loaded with papers.

Cross season is only three weeks away! The folks at Mob replaced the bottom bracket in the IRD and we are ready to roll. Before I can think about cross, I have to start training for a trip south to ACL. We will be visiting the King of Brykerwood for the weekend, which means lots of beer and coffee with a visit from Don Julio. More details later.

Received an article from the Chicago paper stating that it is against the law to ride a bike without brakes. That means all those fixed gear riders cruising the streets are breaking the law. Does this mean that the folks riding at the Northbrook Velodrome are also breaking the law?

I haven't been following the Vuelta, but I have been watching the Tour of Britain. Kristian House, ex-Violet Crown Junior, is riding in the top twenty.

All for now, heading to the high country for the long weekend.