Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today's Grind

A little snow to start out the ride.

Into the mist.

The daily pain!

The path towards home.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Not a bit of racing this weekend, which was a welcome break after the past few weekends. Instead spent some time with the family at Veloswap and hanging around the house. No great finds at Veloswap but managed to find some old Campy shift levers, purple grips, clothes, and schwag. I checked out the Blacksheep booth for my next bike and also found a Campy laiden Colnago in my size, passed on all (waiting to sell the Westy). Ended up with a bit of the crud, picked up from the kids, so no racing on Sunday. Next weekend is the madness in "The Republic" so I will break out the cow bells for some serious spectating. A couple weeks of training before finishing out the season.

I am working with the Crossniacs to get an ACA team for Colorado racing. Interested? More to come.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I be muddled

As I take my mid 'cross season break the mind races with plans for next year.
What team?
What events?
What focus?
What new bike?
What else to explore?

Tomorrow is Veloswap, maybe weaving my way through thousands for misc bike parts will bring some clarity.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Good/Bad, Warm/Cold
Pretty much sums up the weekend of racing.
My affinity to racing poorly in Boulder continues even with the advantage of being called up to the front line with 90 some odd racers behind. It took about 5 laps before the legs got to feeling good and with a surge at the end managed a pathetic 33rd.
Day 2 brought snow and colder temperatures. Picked up Chad and headed up the Evergreen. After some poor driving on my part and the ex-linebacker's pushing abilities we managed not to get stranded on I70. The IRD after exposure to sleet and snow was not in a cooperative mood - the rear wheel freewheeled in both directions and shifting was non-existent. The WW on the other hand was ready. I swapped out the rear wheel and went into the race with the plan to start on the IRD and switch to the WW once it sorted out. The plan worked well and I was able to finish 10th. Chad after blowing out the knees pushing the van finished around 2oth and ex-teammate Brian braved the elements for a solid finish.
I collected some more points and remain in the top ten for BCR.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gunni Photos

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's about the bike

Gunnison, CB, and Salida it is all about the bike, maybe it's only a townie (bike) but in my book that's still a bike. I went to Gunnison for a 'cross race which was the best course of the year set in one of the best places, if you want to read about the races go here.

I drug the family once again in my pursuit of middle aged stardom to Gunnison which was abuzz with parents weekend at WSC, elk hunters, and BCR point hunters. Saturday brought a glorious start to the day, after the cowbells stopped echoing in my head we sat at a cafe on the main drag watching the alternative transportation at its best. The town was filled with folks riding to the big game, from the the farmers market, or just heading off to who knows where.

After basking in the college town feel, we head to the ski town just up the road. As we detoured thru what could be considered the new face of Crested Butte the number of bikes parked in front of these newly constructed villas was mind boggling. Kick stands were optional as many homes had artisan crafted bike racks sitting out front. After a Pabst and pizza at the Secret Stash it was back to Gunison for day two of racing.

The sleet that made for slippery race fun did not make for good family fun, so over the pass we went to Salida. Admired a pair of Moots fully loaded undoubtly on some grand adventure across country. Saw Greg from Salvagetti in Bongo Billy's hanging out in paradise for the day. Talked 29ers with the folks at Absolute Bikes before heading off into a snowy south park on the way home.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A weekend of high altitude cross.

We headed up to Breckenridge so I could partake in a weekend of racing in Frisco.

Day 1
I awoke to a glorious day in the mountains. At a balmy 37 degrees on the thermometer, I decided to ride down to Frisco as my warm-up. I bundled up and headed out the door for the easy spin to the race. I quickly warmed up and was border line overheated as I rolled into the Nordic Center. I met Eric from Breck on the ride down and had a nice chat. Picked up the awesome sweatshirt, which I sported most of the weekend when not on my bike. The legs felt okay, not real snappy. I got the call up for my 14th overall in the BCR competition which gave me a front row starting position. Dean yelled ‘go’ and off we went. I have been getting great starts this year (thanks to Jared’s training tips) and went into the first barrier in around 5th position. I slide back a bit after the first lap but still feeling good. On the second lap I ran smack into a tree after one of the 180 degree turns, this thru my off for a bit and allowed a couple guys to get up to me. The legs slowly faded and ended up 18th. I was a little disappointed because the legs felt flat. It was good to see my ex-teammate Brian giving 'cross a try. The beer flowed as Dave Towle kept things lively, which is the best way to spend an afternoon watching bike racing with the family.

Day 2
After an evening hanging with Bil, we woke to chilly morning. A cool 23 degrees on the thermometer but no snow and sunny skies, I bundled up once again for the ride down to Frisco. I rolled into the Nordic Center with plenty of time to check out the new course layout. I got worried as Dean said that only the top ten were going to get call ups, he ended up calling up the top twenty and I secured another front row start. The start went well as I tried to hold my ground up the first climb. I was around 10th until I took a digger into the dirt when the front wheel washed out on one of the many loose corners. I tried to keep the tempo high but made a tactical error following two riders and letting two riders attack going into the hill. They dangled in front of me until the end. Wound up 14th. SC headed up for the day and scored another impressive finish (21st) on the Vanilla.

I had a great weekend of racing with new and old friends. We forgot the camera at home so no pictures. Next stop Gunnison.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Boulder y Lakewood

'Cross season is swinging into full gear know that we got to race in the Republic of Boulder. Ambled north in the Westy headed for Research Park known for short track racing and 'cross. I got the call up, front line was pretty sweet as we rocketed the asphalt start. I was sitting top ten after the first lap when the abnormal loss of breath had me struggling for wheels. Fell back into 25th. Boulder Racing is always known for sporting a SS class I figured more punishment was in order, cruised the SS race passing some Cat 3s and completely wrecking the body. Loaded up with some Negro Modelo (not exactly Belgium) for the next days racing.

Since no points were up for grabs I chose the Waltworks for Sundays pain. I was in a pissy mood and armed with the proper tool got to work. The course was awesome - finished out the weekend with a 16th. Even got a Pabst as fuel for the ride home.

I have to work out the breathing issues, but that is what doctors are for. Medicate to win! or at least breath.