Thursday, August 24, 2006

School started

This is how we commute and ride.

Yesterday was my first taste of the good life.
I rode multiple times that included 3 trips to shool to drop-off/pick-up small children. First ride include a fast ride to school with two children with a solo ride home. Then headed out for my first solo ride during the day. Maybe I should have spent the time being productive but I have been waiting for this moment ever since I began my slacker lifestyle. Was able to ride for two hours over some hilly terrain. Got home and rushed back out the door to pick pick the little one up from school. So, soloed down and hauled one child home. Relaxed for a few hours before heading back down to school with the little one to pick up my stoker. Rode home and called it a day. I get to do this twice weekly until the end of school.


commuter13 said...

My daughter and I were looking at pictures and came across the Firecrakcer 50 photos of 2005. She wants to go back to Colorado but I just want to find a job...long story. So I commend you on your effort to "keep" biking even with kids. I am still figuring that out. Again thanks for the PBR and I will be out again...sometime.
Ben...if confused ask Chad.

megan said...

this is the best photo. just warms my heart. you have a charming life. enjoy your riding!