Monday, August 08, 2005

Racing into middle age

Well, I haven't had time to post anything since my little morning excursion a week ago. Since then I have done 4 races and completed all of them. Some more stellar than others but I was out there. A dear friend always reminds me that showing up is half the battle, the other half is what you do prior (ie training).

Quick Recap
The road race was HARD! really hard. I was able to hang on for 1/3 a lap! The initial climb was wicked and the pack blew apart quickly, at least that was my perspective. I finished about 30 minutes behind the leader. On Sunday, the criterium was in downtown and it rocked! I felt awesome, even after the battering I gave myself the day before. I hung it all out within the first lap and even got a little gap but the pack reeled me in and spit me right out the back. I did ride with a local guy for the remainder of the race and we just did mindless loops. What fun!!!

Fed Center Race
This is a great circuit race only 3 miles from home. I preperation for the event, I went to a swim beach and laid in the sun. I got shelled but was able to keep the peloton within sight until 2 laps to go. The legs have never screamed so loud.

Bannock St Crit
What a fun event! The legs felt great and my mind was at ease. Just stayed with the pack until the sprint at the end where I sat up and soft pedaled in. My legs had no snap so no sense risking an accident. Rode to and from the event which I logged 68 miles for the day.

Not bad for a 40 year old!