Thursday, March 30, 2006

Red Rocks

Red Rocks in the morning.
Saw the Dead (sans Jerry) play here a couple years ago.

Henry Ford Museum

After a chianti soaked evening, we loaded up to view the history of the internal combustion engine. I was happy to find a large section of bicycles. I did wear my CrC socks to feel like a rebel.
This one was my favorite. It was a bike used in 6 day racing.

The bike in the middle is all wood with copper lugs.

Just another dual steering tandem.

I wish I had enough friends to take this one out.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Back Home

It is good to be home. Visiting family and seeing new things are always great, but there is something about going home. Got home late last night and drug myself out of bed to capture these shots from BCLP. It was only 29 degrees when I rolled out with the sun shining bright!

Looking out at Mt Morrison which overlooks Red Rocks (hidden by Dakota ridge).

Some dry Colorado gravel.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cognitively Disconnected!

Well, not that disconnected. I sit in Detroit relaxing after a travel day yesterday to celebrate my Mother's birthday. Before the travel I woke really early to knock out a 20 mile foggy ride to BCLP. Much of the ride was spent feeling my way through the fog with the sun peaking out occasionally to brighten my morning. These are the days that keep me motivatived to ride.

Running with runners! Headed out with two avid runners this morning. My wife and brother put the big time hurt on me today. I did okay until the last 20 minutes when the pace quickened and the legs were tightening up. I made it after shoving my wife to the ground so as not to be the last in sprint to the house (just kidding - she fell on her own accord). We did run for 1 hour 20 minutes getting about 9 miles. Tomorrow we my run 12 or so miles.

TIv2 Update: My brother is going to be supporting me along with my wife.

Now to disconnect more as it is almost time for a beer.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mentally Challenged

This has been a hard week so far as my motivation is low. It could be the massive changes in the weather or that the intensity of my workout schedule (18 hours last week) has caught up with me. This is a light week for me and this weekend I will be taking time off the bike. Hopefully this will motivate me to enter the peak phase of my training as I ramp it up for TIv2.
I am taking today off and getting some rest. As much rest as one can get chasing small children.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Tour de Single Speeders

For some odd reason I was rearranging bikes in the garage and realized that most of the bikes there only had one gear. I happened to have the camera and snapped a few shots.

Waltworks: newest to the stable and the TIv2 bike.

Fuji: Fallons second bike. The kid already has two bikes and she is only 5.

Paramount: Rene's commuter.

Barracuda: Purchase in Houston many years ago when this brand was up and coming. Great mountain bike that has taken me on many adventures

Borthwick: My first real bike! A great long distance cruiser designed for touring.

Sanwa: Early 70s vintage bike that was used as one of my commuter bikes in Austin. The custom paint job was done by the kids.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Review

Yesterday was a great day in the saddle. 125 miles of single speeding on the Denver trail system. The legs felt great until the last 15 miles when the temperatures started to drop and I was getting cold. I left the house at 4:30 am and got home around 3:00 pm. I was a little slower than I would have liked but my gearing was dead on. I ran a 32x14 with 700c tires and never felt over geared. For the second week in a row I raced the snow/rain back to the house. I would have ridden another hour or so if the weather would have stayed clear.

Woke this morning to wet streets and snow on the ground - not to mention a pounding headache! Donned the running shoes and ran for an hour. The legs recovered from yesterdays ride and feel good. More snow forcasted for the week so will have to modify exercise accordingly.

TIv2 update: My new team (details later) will be hooking me up with some food stuffs and tires for the ride. My confidence is good, my bike is awesome, and my high altitude training is going to pay off.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Moon set, sun rise

It was a great morning to be in the mountains. I headed out at 5am with a full moon which disappeared behind the mountains as the sun rose. I was able to knock out two hours of riding fixed gear through BCLP.

Another short post as I have too many domestic tasks that need my attention.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Short . . . . . .

Today was mostly spent inside on the trainer and then off to GMRC for weights. The sun was out and the temps are warming up but still a tad cold to drag the kids out for a ride. It will be a couple more days before the trails are dry enough to ride.

TIv2 update: Our housing hosts in Hawarden are Hawkeyes and we are Cyclones - I hope this doesn't cause any tension.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Poor weather

This was the seen out the back door yesterday (normally you can see downtown). It was a wet snow with the temps hanging around freezing. Needless to say I bagged the day and enjoyed it with the family.

The roads were slick this morning with the temp under 20 degrees so instead of running I headed off to the GRMC for a early morning spin class.

TIv2 Update: Went to the REI in Denver lingered in the cycling dept while the kids played on the slides. I only found a cycling computer.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suffering, Cold, and Green

Click off another long day in the saddle. I headed out yesterday for an eight hour ride on the bike trails in Denver. To sum up the day: COLD! I left the house before any person or creature was stirring so I could meet them at the Denver St Patricks Day Parade at 10 am. I was able to get 60 miles in before I meet them, then stood in the cold for 2 hours watching the parade. I did neglect to put anything into my body during this down time and the last 40 miles were about survival. Also, it didn't help that my bottles were frozen and I couldn't drink out of them. It was a good exercise in suffering. I did make it home before it started to snow.

Things to keep in mind on cold days.
-frozen perpetuem doesn't taste any better
-dripping water freezes on your bike
-toe warmers are great! (the chemical inside the shoe type)
-sucking on the end of your camelbak will thaw it out
-always think of the 100 degree days of riding in Texas

TIv2 Update: After a long ride with only Hammer Products, I decided to leave them for shorter rides and races. I like the products and they give me a steady stream of energy but I think I would like more options on TI. Besides at 3am Sunday morning when I walk into a Kum & Go the idea of not grabbing a cream filled oatmeal cookie could be devastating.

Todays agenda is to buy roof racks for the Subaru, eat large, and then maybe ride fixed in the snow.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tao and cycling

Lao-tzu said that the three treasures of life are never be first, never have too much, and always love. In other words: humility, simplicity, and love. In my cycling I have made the mental switch that what I cycle for in clarity and the love of the sport. I still race, but I race for me not to seek the approval of others. As I prepare for TIv2, I will need to look more internal for strength. My brother has been the inspiration for this race because of his mental toughness as we pushed through the night to complete his last 100 mile run.

I have been able to knock some good miles out over the past few days. This morning I wasn't sure what the weather was going to be doing so I planned for the worst - running. As it was, the trails were dry and I headed out to do some dreaded hill repeats. I found a great place that has little to no foot traffic and is about .25 miles long. The snow started about the time I finished.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lots of bike time

Spent a good part of this past weekend out riding the paved and dirt trails in and around Denver. Toured some of the ghetto on Saturday with an early ride out Bear Creek Trail, Platte River Trail, and Cherry Creek Trail. The homeless were just stirring and lingering all over the trail. They are a pleasant bunch moving out of the way and greeting you with a loud 'good mornin', it just makes you feel good. That is because once the carbon fiber patrol hits the trail they don't associate with single speeders on fillet brazed steel bikes. A ride like this can get me down and a little bitter but I have to tell myself that it is a great day for a bike ride.

My adventures on Sunday were much more pleasant if not a tad more painful. Rode with a buddy up Chimney Gulch out of Golden. Again, only one gear on a welded steel bike this time. Everybody had a friendly smile and greeting. A sum total of over 9 hours of saddle time and roughly 115 miles.

TransIowa update: I am ready with only a few more grueling weeks ahead.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Moving forward whilst looking back

I slept in today! It was very nice not getting up at 5am to exercise, but tomorrow is an early one as I plan to head out for a long road ride. I am thinking somewhere in the 6 to 8 hour range on the trails in and around Denver. On Sunday, I plan on heading to the hills for some gravel up near Evergreen. Should turn out to be an epic weekend.

I read JS's emotional post on Austin and just makes me reflect on the good times that were had there. Also reminds me that we all move forward for a reason and that change can make us better people. Found this Link that also makes me think of the amazing bike culture that existing in Austin.

TIv2 update: We secured housing for Friday night.

Peace and good riding.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The start of serious riding

This week marks the start of my serious effort to get on the bike and ride. Started with a short ride on Monday morning down to BCLP for a quick loop. The legs were tired from the weekend efforts of skiing and some skating. The weather has been exceptionally warm so yesterday I took the kids out on the tandem for a spin in the neighborhood, probably around 10 miles with many stiff hills. That was on top of my wind trainer workout and weights earlier in the day. Then off early this morning on the Waltworks riding fixed gear to BCLP. Great way to start the day.

My TIv2 training seems to be right on track. I will be trying to update more often and add some ride pictures.