Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The leaves are changing

It seems the more free time I have the less time I spend on the computer. The weather has been great for the past few weeks, which means heading out and enjoying it.
Some pictures from the route I took on Labor day, a nice easy 11 mile grind up to Boreas Pass. The leaves were changing with absolutely clear blue skies. My wife actually took the pictures on her run up this road the day before I rode it. It was my job to see how many miles she ran ~ 22 miles!

Making a quick trip to Austin for ACL fest (has nothing to do with an orthopedic convention). Plan on meeting up with the old gang and visiting some drinking holes (Bark&Quack, Deep Eddy, Crown&Spanker, and Trudy's). Might try to hook up with the folks at OrrManor for a ride/run. It will be a nice break before 'cross season kicks in.

Frozen Fixed Fete coming the weekend after cross!

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