Monday, September 24, 2007


The solitary gravel road section

Gravel path of pain

One lap to go

Over the speed barrier (Poached from UltraRob)

I had a solid race down in the shadow of Pike's Peak. Things seemed to click as i got a decent start sliding again into 5th as we hit the dirt. I held my position well until a rider went down in front of me which slow me down enough that two chasers were able to get on my wheel. A slight bobble in a rough bumpy section and they gased it passing easily. Worked hard to get back up to them but the damage was done. Ended up 8th.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The first race is behind me and I am stoked for what lies ahead.

We went to our mountain refuge and were join by SC and family for a weekend of family fun and racing.

Toed the line in the first race of the season not really knowing what to expect. The start was fast as I slid into fifth and just tried to find my pace. A solid first lap kept me in a top ten position, then the combination of allergies and elevation took hold of my lungs. I felt like an asthmatic gasping for air, short shallow breaths were all I could muster. The legs began to turn squares as I dropped slowly back losing places rapidly. Finally with 3 laps to to I felt some sense of recovery and tried to get a spot or two back. Notorious gave me much needed encouragement for the last two laps pushing me to the limit of what I could do with little oxygen. Finished up in 14th in the 35+/Cat 4s. Had to go to the inhaler just to get some lunch down without choking. SC rocked the Vanilla SS for cool 19th place. Notorious was riding high up in the Cat 3s before succumbing to a flat.

I did meet up with some of the Crossniacs and managed to volunteer some time course marshalling.

SC pulled out this quote:
"Tonight we drink, for tomorrow we ride"

Friday, September 14, 2007


Let the pain begin.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Colorado Alps

Spent the weekend in Ouray doing this:

While Rene did this:

She ran the Imogene Pass run in a time of 3:58.41 placing 433rd out of 1103 finishers and 22nd out of 76 finishers in her age group!