Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beer, bikes, and bands!

So, I have just posted some quote and pictures since returning from what I still consider home. Time for a short recap of the madness. We tried to deal with the experience from the saddle of a bike as much as possible. The fest was great but a crush of people tended to overwhelm and in my opinion take away from the music. My favorite bands were Nickel Creek and The Greencards, both bluegrass bands. Missed the South Austin Jug Band! All in all a fun was had at ACL Fest.

Austin is one of those cities that I come away from inspired. I am not sure if it is the vibe or maybe just the people I hang with. The King of Brykerwood has been waging a war on McMansions that have been ruining the charm of central Austin. With a new ordinance, it looks that his efforts paid off. He says his political ambitions end there, even though Brykerwoods has been the springboard for mayor.

Also, caught up with the folks from Orrmanor. I am so happy after all these years to have had someone like him as a mentor when I started racing on the road. We were able to grad a few pints at the Bark&Quack, a few Mexican Martinis at Trudy's, and finished of slamming a beer at Barflys. I did get turned around on the way home riding aimless for 30 mins until finally passing the old house on Salado. The bike almost took control and rolled me to the gate, if it wasn't for the monolith in the backyard I would have done it. Rene was able to run the next am with D's wife as he tended to the kids (I left his house around 3am and the kids woke at 5:40am).

Summary of places I visited: Homeslice, Deep Eddy Cabaret, Mangias, Toy Joy, Wheatsville, Texadelphia, Trudys, Bark & Quack, Amys, Kerby Lane, Central Market, Barflys, plus many more!

Hope to visit again when the humidity is low and I have time to take some long bike rides to places like Elroy (not really)!

Cross season starts on Saturday. Let the pain begin......

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