Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Ride

I have been lucky enough to get some riding in before the feasting begins. The IRD is the bike that is getting ridden the most. I am thinking of an ENO rear hub and a front rack for TI.

Friday, December 05, 2008


I went to 9 Ball Diaries/Zero Traction with Chad, Bil, and Gerry up in Boulder. I was inspired to get back on the bike and ride. With the temps in the teens yesterday, I opted for a sweat session at spin class and some weights. Today, the sun was shinning melting the snow on the roads. I headed out to Red Rocks and had a great day. Two eyes, two wheels, and two helpings of HTFU.

Climbing up Red Rocks

Rooney Road

If you want to see some pictures of the eye, look here.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Finally, complete vision out of both eyes. I do have to wear a patch today until the swelling goes down and the bleeding stops. After that I can resume normal activities, basically get my out of shape legs ready for May. I will have one more procedure to do some cosmetic cleanup in a couple weeks.

Remember, just because it is winter you still need to apply sunscreen.

Monday, December 01, 2008


November is over and what a sedintary month it has been. I am glad it is over and ready to start getting ready for a spring of gravel adventures. I am tired of long walks with the dog and ready for long rides.

Ski season kicked off for us this past weekend. The kids got in two days while I only went once. The ground in Breck went from brown to white in the three days we were camped out at the refuge. With 20 inches of snow and more forcasted this week, next weekend should be great.

My brother will be relocating to M'town. He will be working for the company I started with when I graduated from Iowa State, my wife worked for in Austin/Denver, and my father-in-law worked for over 30 years. If your out riding in central Iowa and see a bright orange Hoo Koo e Koo rolling on the gravel, that would be my bro.