Friday, September 29, 2006


I have been following the recent string of comments on 'cross racing in CO. It makes me a little perplexed that so many racers are complaining about the way the courses are set up. We all race for different reasons, I race to be challenged and every course should provide an adequate degree of difficulty. That may mean some tight sections with twisiting corners, sand/gravel pits or long road sections. If I knew every course was going to be laid out exactly the same, I would opt not to race every weekend. That said, when living in Austin there was one 'cross race for the season and we were just happy racing our bikes. I become tired of the cycling community in CO some times because they feel that the promoters should make each race perfect for them, I have news the world is not a perfect place. Enough.

One kid is still sick and the lack of bike time has made me edgy!

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Cellarrat said...

sometimes racers can be a bit whinny...