Monday, October 31, 2005

Settling in

The weekend brought on more cyclocross racing. Saturday the race was an easy pedal from the house at my daughters old pre-school. The course had a long paved section that sent me into the red zone each time up it. The back side had a killer lock your brakes up descent back to some rolling single track. Ended up 13th after getting caught by two guys with a lap to go. I put in a huge effort with 3 laps to go in an attempt to hold off the chasers but I cracked with a lap to go and ended up behind them. No worries. Drank some Go-Fast had watched the rest of the suffering. Pictures to be posted soon.

Sunday? What was I thinking. I wanted to have a great race because I would have liked to break into the top ten and garner some good points. I was lolly gagging around at the start and ended up in the backrow. The start was narrow and I ended up staying there until the first set of turns. Then gaps opened up and then I just settled in to reel as many people back as I could. The last lap I shifted to the little ring and dropped my chain on the big runup and DS made up some time. I didn't recover and he beat me by about 200 yards.

The next few weeks the racing heats up in and around the house. Time to settle in and start racing like I know I can.

Peace and Happy Halloween....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend cross races

The racing this weekend was great, even though my legs were somewhere else. The course was a good one for me but nothing seemed to feel right. The run-ups were hard and my legs felt like lead running. It is all good! I was able to get out and hangout with old and new friends.

I did not race on Saturday because I went to Veloswap and ended up ordering a new bike. WaltWorks out of Boulder is building me up a new 29er mountain bike. This will be my TransIowa bike, can't wait. No good purchases other than a set of pedals for use on my old mtn bike.

I will now have to purge the bike stuff in the garage before I receive anything new.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Into the suffering

The CX season is in full swing. I have raced 6 times and have managed to grab some ACA BAR points. I am using this 'cross season as a spring board for TransIowa which is in April. I have been logging good miles with the lights and plan to continue to ride through the winter. This weekend is Veloswap so my racing may be curtailed but will try to sneak one race in.

But I need to remain focused on the 'cross thing as I have been asked to join a Team. I submitted my cycling resume to their pres and hope to hear something soon.

I will post a TransIowa update with my training plan soon.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The start of the season

So, it has been awhile since I posted anything of substance on this site. I have no grand plans for this posting, other than to prepare for the onslaught of cyclocross season. The race in Breck was just a mere warm-up and weekend to spend having fun.

From this weekend forward there is a opportunity to race at least once. I plan on racing as much as the family allows. The training has been strained over the past few weeks with sick kids and family from out of town. But this is the time of the season I really enjoy racing so I will be out there knocking bars in one of the old guy classes.

Not to look to far forward into the future but I am planning on racing TransIowa in April. My training schedule for the next 6 months will be intense. I am so looking forward to it. I will post my plans and use this as a training log.

Peace to those who actually read this.....