Sunday, September 24, 2006

Season Opener

The 'Cross season started!
Drove to the Springs yesterday to partake in the first race of the season, it was well worth the drive down. The morning start brisk with the course still a tad muddy from the previous nights rain. Pre-rode the course to determine which bike, IRD or Waltworks, would be called up for the first race. Ran the IRD for the first race because it has gears and I knew I could ride the muddy section on it. Race one started great as I was with the lead group to the first set of barriers, then completely lost contact as the body went into shut down mode. Recovered and found myself painfully chasing down riders. Ended up with a 12th place finish not that far off the lead. I was hoping to capture a top ten finish but overall happy. Race two, the Waltworks got the call! I geared it with a 32x15, which was the perfect all around gear. I suffered like a dog and ended up finishing 17th. It is great to be back in race mode!

No race today as Rene is running the Backroads Marathon. I plan on taking the kids to the race in Morrison.

I am sorry to hear that the EnduroSnob Epic has been cancelled, it looks like the focus will be changed to hard efforts in order to finally get my lazy butt moved up a class in 'cross.

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Cellarrat said...

I've got a little ride i'm planing for Nov instead of the epic....

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