Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend to forget

On the racing front, a definate weekend to forget! After a week home with sick kids and probably catching some strain of sickness, I shouldn't have raced. But, excercising poor judgement without the aid of alcohol is a downfall on mine. Race one, after a small mental battle with a fuzzy head, I line up in the second row. The start went great as I was in the top ten right behind friend and the winner of the race. Decent first lap, then the energy was suck from my body and I fought hard just to stay in the race. Finished a disappointing 26th!! On a brighter note, a BKB clad team mate was cheering me on! Happens to be this guy's brother. Race two, single speeded myself into utter pain and dehydration. Skipped racing Sunday because the head was fuzzier than ever, also Fallon was still sick and the stress of her slipping back into another bout of ADEM was more than I could cope with. She is back at school and seems to be recovering okay.

Some random sites to check out:
We all need to ride this way!

A couple of weeks of training before the next race, hopefully the kids will remain healthy and I can remain focused.

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