Sunday, March 12, 2006

Suffering, Cold, and Green

Click off another long day in the saddle. I headed out yesterday for an eight hour ride on the bike trails in Denver. To sum up the day: COLD! I left the house before any person or creature was stirring so I could meet them at the Denver St Patricks Day Parade at 10 am. I was able to get 60 miles in before I meet them, then stood in the cold for 2 hours watching the parade. I did neglect to put anything into my body during this down time and the last 40 miles were about survival. Also, it didn't help that my bottles were frozen and I couldn't drink out of them. It was a good exercise in suffering. I did make it home before it started to snow.

Things to keep in mind on cold days.
-frozen perpetuem doesn't taste any better
-dripping water freezes on your bike
-toe warmers are great! (the chemical inside the shoe type)
-sucking on the end of your camelbak will thaw it out
-always think of the 100 degree days of riding in Texas

TIv2 Update: After a long ride with only Hammer Products, I decided to leave them for shorter rides and races. I like the products and they give me a steady stream of energy but I think I would like more options on TI. Besides at 3am Sunday morning when I walk into a Kum & Go the idea of not grabbing a cream filled oatmeal cookie could be devastating.

Todays agenda is to buy roof racks for the Subaru, eat large, and then maybe ride fixed in the snow.


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