Friday, March 24, 2006

Cognitively Disconnected!

Well, not that disconnected. I sit in Detroit relaxing after a travel day yesterday to celebrate my Mother's birthday. Before the travel I woke really early to knock out a 20 mile foggy ride to BCLP. Much of the ride was spent feeling my way through the fog with the sun peaking out occasionally to brighten my morning. These are the days that keep me motivatived to ride.

Running with runners! Headed out with two avid runners this morning. My wife and brother put the big time hurt on me today. I did okay until the last 20 minutes when the pace quickened and the legs were tightening up. I made it after shoving my wife to the ground so as not to be the last in sprint to the house (just kidding - she fell on her own accord). We did run for 1 hour 20 minutes getting about 9 miles. Tomorrow we my run 12 or so miles.

TIv2 Update: My brother is going to be supporting me along with my wife.

Now to disconnect more as it is almost time for a beer.

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