Monday, March 06, 2006

Lots of bike time

Spent a good part of this past weekend out riding the paved and dirt trails in and around Denver. Toured some of the ghetto on Saturday with an early ride out Bear Creek Trail, Platte River Trail, and Cherry Creek Trail. The homeless were just stirring and lingering all over the trail. They are a pleasant bunch moving out of the way and greeting you with a loud 'good mornin', it just makes you feel good. That is because once the carbon fiber patrol hits the trail they don't associate with single speeders on fillet brazed steel bikes. A ride like this can get me down and a little bitter but I have to tell myself that it is a great day for a bike ride.

My adventures on Sunday were much more pleasant if not a tad more painful. Rode with a buddy up Chimney Gulch out of Golden. Again, only one gear on a welded steel bike this time. Everybody had a friendly smile and greeting. A sum total of over 9 hours of saddle time and roughly 115 miles.

TransIowa update: I am ready with only a few more grueling weeks ahead.


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megan said...

beautiful bike. will be a wonderful adventure in iowa.