Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A weekend of high altitude cross.

We headed up to Breckenridge so I could partake in a weekend of racing in Frisco.

Day 1
I awoke to a glorious day in the mountains. At a balmy 37 degrees on the thermometer, I decided to ride down to Frisco as my warm-up. I bundled up and headed out the door for the easy spin to the race. I quickly warmed up and was border line overheated as I rolled into the Nordic Center. I met Eric from Breck on the ride down and had a nice chat. Picked up the awesome sweatshirt, which I sported most of the weekend when not on my bike. The legs felt okay, not real snappy. I got the call up for my 14th overall in the BCR competition which gave me a front row starting position. Dean yelled ‘go’ and off we went. I have been getting great starts this year (thanks to Jared’s training tips) and went into the first barrier in around 5th position. I slide back a bit after the first lap but still feeling good. On the second lap I ran smack into a tree after one of the 180 degree turns, this thru my off for a bit and allowed a couple guys to get up to me. The legs slowly faded and ended up 18th. I was a little disappointed because the legs felt flat. It was good to see my ex-teammate Brian giving 'cross a try. The beer flowed as Dave Towle kept things lively, which is the best way to spend an afternoon watching bike racing with the family.

Day 2
After an evening hanging with Bil, we woke to chilly morning. A cool 23 degrees on the thermometer but no snow and sunny skies, I bundled up once again for the ride down to Frisco. I rolled into the Nordic Center with plenty of time to check out the new course layout. I got worried as Dean said that only the top ten were going to get call ups, he ended up calling up the top twenty and I secured another front row start. The start went well as I tried to hold my ground up the first climb. I was around 10th until I took a digger into the dirt when the front wheel washed out on one of the many loose corners. I tried to keep the tempo high but made a tactical error following two riders and letting two riders attack going into the hill. They dangled in front of me until the end. Wound up 14th. SC headed up for the day and scored another impressive finish (21st) on the Vanilla.

I had a great weekend of racing with new and old friends. We forgot the camera at home so no pictures. Next stop Gunnison.

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