Monday, October 01, 2007

Boulder y Lakewood

'Cross season is swinging into full gear know that we got to race in the Republic of Boulder. Ambled north in the Westy headed for Research Park known for short track racing and 'cross. I got the call up, front line was pretty sweet as we rocketed the asphalt start. I was sitting top ten after the first lap when the abnormal loss of breath had me struggling for wheels. Fell back into 25th. Boulder Racing is always known for sporting a SS class I figured more punishment was in order, cruised the SS race passing some Cat 3s and completely wrecking the body. Loaded up with some Negro Modelo (not exactly Belgium) for the next days racing.

Since no points were up for grabs I chose the Waltworks for Sundays pain. I was in a pissy mood and armed with the proper tool got to work. The course was awesome - finished out the weekend with a 16th. Even got a Pabst as fuel for the ride home.

I have to work out the breathing issues, but that is what doctors are for. Medicate to win! or at least breath.

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Endurosnob said...

Going hard when you're pissy and don't feel good blows. Way to get it done.