Monday, October 29, 2007


Not a bit of racing this weekend, which was a welcome break after the past few weekends. Instead spent some time with the family at Veloswap and hanging around the house. No great finds at Veloswap but managed to find some old Campy shift levers, purple grips, clothes, and schwag. I checked out the Blacksheep booth for my next bike and also found a Campy laiden Colnago in my size, passed on all (waiting to sell the Westy). Ended up with a bit of the crud, picked up from the kids, so no racing on Sunday. Next weekend is the madness in "The Republic" so I will break out the cow bells for some serious spectating. A couple weeks of training before finishing out the season.

I am working with the Crossniacs to get an ACA team for Colorado racing. Interested? More to come.

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simple-cyclist said...

when are you rolling to Boulder? Kids? I will give you a call.