Monday, October 15, 2007

It's about the bike

Gunnison, CB, and Salida it is all about the bike, maybe it's only a townie (bike) but in my book that's still a bike. I went to Gunnison for a 'cross race which was the best course of the year set in one of the best places, if you want to read about the races go here.

I drug the family once again in my pursuit of middle aged stardom to Gunnison which was abuzz with parents weekend at WSC, elk hunters, and BCR point hunters. Saturday brought a glorious start to the day, after the cowbells stopped echoing in my head we sat at a cafe on the main drag watching the alternative transportation at its best. The town was filled with folks riding to the big game, from the the farmers market, or just heading off to who knows where.

After basking in the college town feel, we head to the ski town just up the road. As we detoured thru what could be considered the new face of Crested Butte the number of bikes parked in front of these newly constructed villas was mind boggling. Kick stands were optional as many homes had artisan crafted bike racks sitting out front. After a Pabst and pizza at the Secret Stash it was back to Gunison for day two of racing.

The sleet that made for slippery race fun did not make for good family fun, so over the pass we went to Salida. Admired a pair of Moots fully loaded undoubtly on some grand adventure across country. Saw Greg from Salvagetti in Bongo Billy's hanging out in paradise for the day. Talked 29ers with the folks at Absolute Bikes before heading off into a snowy south park on the way home.


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That's livin' the High Life, friend!

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