Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Good/Bad, Warm/Cold
Pretty much sums up the weekend of racing.
My affinity to racing poorly in Boulder continues even with the advantage of being called up to the front line with 90 some odd racers behind. It took about 5 laps before the legs got to feeling good and with a surge at the end managed a pathetic 33rd.
Day 2 brought snow and colder temperatures. Picked up Chad and headed up the Evergreen. After some poor driving on my part and the ex-linebacker's pushing abilities we managed not to get stranded on I70. The IRD after exposure to sleet and snow was not in a cooperative mood - the rear wheel freewheeled in both directions and shifting was non-existent. The WW on the other hand was ready. I swapped out the rear wheel and went into the race with the plan to start on the IRD and switch to the WW once it sorted out. The plan worked well and I was able to finish 10th. Chad after blowing out the knees pushing the van finished around 2oth and ex-teammate Brian braved the elements for a solid finish.
I collected some more points and remain in the top ten for BCR.

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