Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Randomness...

Spirits are lifting and things are back to normal. No plans for riding today as I feel whooped but will manage to get some bike work done with the help of my ever present assistant Keagan.

The winner of the Large Brewery Company competition at this years Great American Beer Festival was none other than the Pabst Brewing Company. Go figure, but with their line of beers you can't go wrong. I personally have been drinking Belgium whites in order to become one with my 'cross persona.

Since Austin, we have routed a computer feed to the hi-fi for the sole purpose of listening to KEXP and Virgin radio. Also, found sound bluegrass sites and plugged into the Dead for a day.

I am going to try and revamp the site soon, as I am growing weary of it.

Looks like 700see is available, I plan on getting a copy.

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