Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Who Gar Den

The Belgiums make a fine wheat bier, since 'cross season is in full swing this has become a staple to my training table (or back deck). The weather took a turn to full on fall earlier in the week. I had to deal with some issues regarding running, spin class, or riding in the cold. As always, riding in the cold damp weather is better than sitting in a small dank room with sweaty bodies on a bike going nowhere. I headed out yesterday morning with the temp hovering around 35 degrees and a fog hanging over Rooney Valley. Took the Waltworks out dressed in wool and enjoyed the stillness of the early morn. Something about riding with lights by yourself listening to only your breath that makes getting up at 5 am somewhat bearable. A shot of espresso doesn't hurt either.

Heading to Breck for a weekend of 'cross. The course is back to the Nordic center for a big loop of pain. I was hoping for a little snow or at least some bad weather up there but I think it should be a glorious weekend. If I can stay sober Sat eve, then I will head to Frisco to finish off the double. I am going to play hooky on the kids last soccer games.

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