Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Seasons Over!

I finished up the year of racing with the State Cyclocross Championships up near Longmont at the Xilinx facility. I raced decently and finished mid-pack, kind of how the rest of the season went. I wasn't in the top ten in the Boulder Series so no call ups for me, a nice third row start position. Had a good start to the bottle neck of slippery mud and ice, then just settled in and rode as hard as I could passing a few riders.

My father and his wife brought the kids up to watch the race. It was nice for him to see what cyclocross is all about. I opted to pass on the Singlespeed race in favor of lunch in Boulder with the family. I think is was a good choice, only one bike to clean.

Thoughts on the CX season:
-I didn't get points the I wanted to get an automatic upgrade to Cat3 in CX.
-Riding a rigid 29er as my mtn bike of choice improved my handling skills.
-My starts were better than last year.
-The courses are getting better and harder every year.
-Raced 19 CX races including skipping two weekends (Gunni & USGP)

All in all a great time and can't wait to start racing again.

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