Monday, December 18, 2006

Leg Burn

Riding the Poma lift - Fallon solo/Me with Keagan

Riding with Keagan

Spent some time skiing with the kids early at the base of Peak 9 - utter craziness! After a few runs of snow plowing with Keagan my legs were like noodles. Fallon got her ski legs back and is ready for a season of showing up dad. Skied with my Dad after sending the kids back to hot tub. We did some laps at Peak 10, my dad was timing us - 12 mins per lap. Then worked our way back over to Peak 8, skiing the trees/bumps off the 6 chair. Good way to make the legs burn as my dad is a non-stopper and we are skiing hard from top to bottom. This year I plan on working on my Tele technique and ski some harder stuff.

I was informed that we will be skiing through the end of March this year, so I have been planning my long runs/rides for up in summit county. Then again we have to wait and see if a move is in the future. I think our preference is to stay in Denver, but already two offers from Austin. We'll see what the week brings.


Cellarrat said...

Wends... abunch of us are doing a mellow night ride at green mt. Sometime around 6pm give me a call wends afternoon 720-318-5382

Paddy Humenny said...

I gotta get me to the mtns!!