Wednesday, May 03, 2006


An abreviated report of my adventures on this years TransIowa. Despite the weather and all the time preparing for this event, I had a great time. Met some great people and will be able to build on the experience.

Hawarden, the start of the slog. We left Marshalltown at 11:00 am and it rained all the way across the state. I was still optimistic that the gravel would be in a condition that I could complete the race. Needless to say I was wrong.
I was lucky enough to have my brother accompany me on this trip. I have had the opportunity to support him on his epic runs and now I have him supporting me. That support went all the way to Detroit as my Mom was relaying messages from the website to him.
Preparing and overthinking what I should bring with. It was an early wake up call for a 4:00 am start.
Rolling into Alton I was questioning my sanity and gear selection. My legs were expending way more energy than needed, especially if I was going to get to Decorah. I was still falsely believing that I could actually finish the race.
Paullina! I was so happy to roll into this town after 3 miles of ditch riding. The freshly made single track left from the leaders was a guide to navigating. A farmer rode his quad next to me and chatted about the weather, the race, and how the roads were great 2 days ago. Another farmer waved me down to ask what in the heck was going on, I gave him the quick version and headed on in.
I actually felt really good at this point in the ride. I knew I was not going to make the cut off but justing riding made it all fun. 50 miles in and I was still smiling.
I got a kick in the butt with a cup of coffee and chatted will fellow riders before heading out to what appeared to be 2 miles of B level roads (according to the cue sheets). I was somewhat demoralized by this section to Sutherland as I push my bike more than I rode it. I wanted to short cut the course and be done with the ride. I decided to gut it out to and see how I felt in Sutherland. I was spent and ready to be done for the day.
Sutherland is where I pulled the plug.

I did make it to Algona. Enjoyed a few beers before heading back to Marshalltown via Ames. The leaders got sucked into the Bar in Mallard instead of me to end their race.

It was a race of epic scale. Sign me up for next year!


Cellarrat said...

It was cool to ride and shoot the shit with you after our soggy little ride.

Well have to do some green mt here soon!

Dave said...

Good to meet you. Hope to see you at CB 100 in July.

Dave Pals

Paddy Humenny said...

nice to have met ya

Taugimba said...

It was nice to have met all of you. Hope to see you on an epic ride soon!