Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3 Day Weekend

A couple good rides and some family time pretty much sums up the weekend.
Went for a long mountain bike ride on Saturday that ended up being 58 miles with roughly 3000ft of elevation gain. Left the house to start this ride with a quick five miles on Green Mountain before hitting the roads over to Golden. Met up with SC and friend to head over to White Ranch for a serious climb to get the heart racing. After a some straight up miles we hooked up with some roads/gravel and headed over to Golden Gate State Park. Here we did the Mountain Lion, Buffalo, and Mule Deer trails which brought us to a elevation a tad over 9200ft. A stop at the visitor center to look at trout and fill bottles we headed for home. We had a screaming descent on tar until a right turn that switched to gravel and went directly upward. I was geared with a 32x18 which was not small enough for this 1 mile of gravel hell. Made it to the top with a view of Dever and the front range that was incredible. Bombed down to Golden to cold beer. Down a few and pedaled home the short way to the back side of Green Mountain for one last taste of single track. Home in time for dinner!

Woke Sunday to a glorious day. The legs felt better than the previous day and I had managed to rehydrate. I rode down to BCLP to spin out the legs. Went to the RMO race to watch some suffering. Glad I wasn't out there but wanting to get back to racing form.

The Mountain Flyer is a great magazine about cycling in the mountains. Kristian House, an alum of the Violent Clowns, won the FBD INSURANCE RÁS. Check out Paddy's DK write up.

Off to the doctor today to have the eye looked at, hopefully just a scratch or something.


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