Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Training in earnest

The training has been getting done, but I will say that up at 4:30 am to workout is not my idea of fun. I have been logging roughly 10 hours of strength training per week with about 8 hours of telemark skiing. Last weekend I skied off the t-bar most of the day which is loaded with some steep and hardcore slopes. It was great because I was out of the way of all the tourons skiing the lower slopes. I was officially whooooped by the end of the day. The way I figured, I made 15 runs (by myself - 4 additional runs with my daughter) with about 50 turns per run. That is 25 lunges per leg per run, which equals 375 lunges per leg per day. Thigh burning fun!!!!

The Trans-Iowa race is approaching and my new bike will be done soon. I have to select the components for the bike which is proving difficult.

All for today.

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