Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I have a plan

Over the past few weeks I have put together a training plan. This will be the first structured training plan ever! As I get older the more I need to think about a structured program to make myself a better cyclist.

I tested the body last week to see where I was. I think I passed the test! I was able to knock out 86 miles on a SS which was geared to big 42x16 (approx 70 gear inches) which took its toll on the last 10 miles. Next fitness test will be in Feb.

Here is the plan:
Jan - Foundation/Strength
M - Spin class
T - 45 to 90 minutes Trainer/Rollers & Weights
W - 1 to 1.5 hour Endurance Run & 1 hour Night ride
T - 45 to 90 minutes Trainer/Rollers & Weights
S - 6 hours of Telemarking
S - 1 to 2 hours Snowshoeing & 4 hours of Telemarking
Feb - Foundation/Endurance
Mar - Preparation (long miles on the bike)
Apr - Specialization (more long miles with some climbing)
May - Transition (low intensity)

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.

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