Monday, January 30, 2006

The new ride is at paint

My new bike is at paint getting a nice coat of blue. This will be my first official blue bike, I am a tad excited. The build kit is going to be close to top end. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be out riding on it.

The weekend was filled with skiing! I skied a little of 6 hours on Saturday completing roughly 16 runs without Fallon and 4 with her. My legs were a spent at the end of the day as I look at my skiing as a workout and have really been trying to push it. My wife asked me why I was being so anal and counting all my runs. I am really not sure, maybe it gives me something to do. Sunday was a brutal run in a complete blizzard. Rene and I cut it to a 30 min run because it was just plain nasty out.

Blizzard in the mountains and glorious on the front range. Suppose to be 55 degrees today.


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