Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mental Distraction

The first real day of 'Cross racing happen up in Longmont this morning. A drizzle accompanied me from Lakewood north to the Xylinx. The course was wide open with some twist through the trees and a trip into a field which brought some mud. I raced okay, but nothing special. That is the way the season has been going. It was a good way to clear the head from a Doctor visit to have yet another biopsy done on a mole, three pre-cancer spots frozen off, and more treatment needed for pre-cancer on my face. Nothing like some suffering to rid your mind of life's problems.
A little dirty.


Tomorrow the race is down at BCLP, which should make for a fun day. Rumors abound that PBRs will be handed up and maybe some whiskey. My goals for the season are shot, it is time to have some fun.

LDL? Maybe soon.


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