Monday, October 27, 2008

Beach Cx

Boulder Racing put on yet another great day of racing, this time up at the Boulder Res. I actually got called up to be in the third row, which is better than normal. A decent start and I was comfortably sitting in a good position to start moving up when I realized my front was a little squishy. A flat - ran up stream to get a lightening fast wheel change. Lost many positions and just tried not to come in dfl. After some food and family time, I re-upped for the SS race. I ended up dfl with absolutely nothing in the legs. A great day with family and friends.

SC and me.

Post wheel change.

Halloween? Gene!

DFL for the skirts.

Check out the Portland scene here or the Des Moines scene here, they know how to lighten up. The Front Range racers are wound a little tight, its Halloween soon for crying out loud.
Surgery near, no more cx racing for a while.
Gravet season is upon us, are you ready!
Trans Iowa version 5 recon pictures here. Ragnarok 105 registration open.

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