Sunday, October 19, 2008


Paid for two races, did two races only one of the races wasn't 'cross. Saturday, I took the kids to run the last mile of the Denver Marathon instead of racing at Xylinx - hopefully Blue Sky Velo will do some good with my pre-registration money. It was a welcome change to run with the kids from the morning school running club. It inspired me to continue to mentor them next spring.

Sunday, I drove to Fort Fun for some 'cross racing. It was a great wide open course, that brought small fields but some really fun racing.

The unknown is now known. Only two weeks of moderate activity after the extraction, which is going to take place on Nov 4th. The rest of 'cross season will be re-evaluated after post surgery healing.

Plans are being made for next year and beyond. I can't wait!


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Rich said...

Hey Mike,
Sorry to hear about your issues. Shoot me an email. I have a little knowledge about this. Had cancer when I was a kid. Glad to see you back out on the trail