Sunday, September 21, 2008

Must be Fall

Another 'cross race in the books, rode the new bike to a decent finish. A little evaluation and introspection over the next week should help to bring the desired results. The legs are good but is the mind?

Backyard harvest - time to make some beer.

The New Bike!


Continue to apply sunscreen liberally like a good democrat.
Hoegaard Good!


PaddyH said...

nice bike, but who taped your bars?
and whats that thing dangling by you rr hub?

PaddyH said...

the big C?

sorry to hear!!

Taugimba said...

Bar tape was a rush job with the old tape and still had to work out the cable housing before giving a snip. Thanks for noticing!

PaddyH said...

funny, I didn't even notice the extra cable...I meant the derailleur!