Saturday, September 13, 2008

But it was fun

The season has officially kicked-off! I traveled south to Colo Springs to get that first start under my belt. The course was a good one with lots of mud from the past two days of rain. I got the call up to the front, which was unexpected. A starting loop on a gravel path made a fast hard start. I got the hole shot up and lead to about the top when a few powered past. Then the pack zipped by as I was spun out on the downhill. Hit the mud and things slowed up a bit and I was able to pick off a few riders. By lap two, I knew my gear selection was not conservative. My legs got zapped lap after lap until I could barely turn the cranks over. Lesson learned. I had a blast and caught up with a lot of folks. Time to start pestering the shop to get my new frame.

With my surgery now scheduled, the season may be shorten by a month. Which makes me even more anxious to get my new bike built.

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Tigger-in-Chains said...

Hey Michael..... Go check out the ACA placings. I am pretty sure you did better than 23rd.