Monday, April 21, 2008

Western CO

We headed in mass to the Western Slope to support my Wife in her trail running endeavors. She knocked out an easy 25 miles along the Colorado River. I took the kids for a quick ride down a gravel road that led to Rustlers Loop, after a loop we trudged back to the S/F to watch my Wife finish her run. The kids are ready for the next mtn bike adventure.
Out on Rustler's Loop

How we rolled.

After I made sure the Wife was conscience and had plenty of nutrition, I took off to ride a quick loop before rolling back to town. The legs were a bit lack luster as I headed out. A quick climb and some rocks had me second guessing the decision to ride, but after a few miles all was good. The views of the Colorado River and the snow capped mountains to the east made the perfect back drop to end out the day. Spun back to town, then ate pizza and relaxed.

From Troy Built looking down on the Kokopelli Trail.

The bike. The Views.

Looking down on Horsethief Bench Loop.


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