Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The ride(s)

Recap of the past few days:

Sunday took me out on a ride with "The Rivet" and Notorious, rolled from the house and met TR on the way to Golden. Notorious rolled from home to the designated meeting place. Climbed up Golden Gate Canyon to the Peak-to-Peak over through Rollinsville then down Coal Creek Canyon. Check out part of the route here. Saw a moose, eagle, and a moron during the descent back to Golden. An all around great day. I did get home just it time to assist in grouting tile.

Yesterday, took the youngin' to Green Mountain on the back of tandem. It felt like I was driving a semi down an alley in a wind storm. The plan is to take the older one out soon. Took a bunch of pictures but the camera has reached its lifespan and all I got was blur.

I struggled with wind and motivation today as I was trying to execute my daily plan. Luckily I read this last night and couldn't muster a good argument against painful repeats. "I had 10 reasons to quit but I had 15 reason to keep going." - Dirt Diva I need to remember to keep my glass half full on every ride.


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