Monday, July 02, 2007

Summit County Riding

We escaped the heat this past weekend and headed to our mountain refuge in Breck. It was an action packed weekend that included running (for those inclined), biking, fishing, hiking, and relaxing.

Saturday was beautiful day in the mountains so after Rene's grueling run to the summit of Peak 9 we gave her little rest before heading to Frisco. We looped thru Frisco and found a place on the Dillion Res to have lunch before heading up to Breck. Having the tandem makes for great family rides and great workouts for me.

The kids looking less than thrilled with Rene working tired legs to keep up. She opted for the FSR instead of the Colnago for more rolling resistence.

Lunch stop views

Sunday was another picture perfect day. I headed up to enjoy the sunrise on the divide up on Boreas Pass. Tooled over towards Como mainly on gravel with some single track into Breck because I forgot cogs and was running a 32x15. Stopped and picked up a tag-a-long bike to give a whirl around town. Ran into Mr 24 working (and breathing) hard.

The tag-a-long to the mix.

Keagan actually helping

One looong bike.


Cornbread said...

I love Colorado. Need to move there someday.

Looks like you had a fun ride.

Have you ever done Leadville?

Taugimba said...

Never done Leadville, I am holding out to do Leadman.

Cellarrat said...

I think I saw your van in Sliverthorne near the Dam brewery.... shoot me an email with your addy so I can drop by for some ice cream on the forth =)

Jeff Kerkove said...

more like panting like dog....