Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bicycling Touring

A bike tour is just that a tour on your bike, it is not a race or a reason to out perform the other cyclist around you. To tour is to view the country side less traveled with the support of many volunteers working their hearts out at strategically placed rest stops providing cold water, encouragement, and food. Who exactly participates is a tour? The whole gambit of cyclist – from racers to mere novices riding high end bikes to those well aged.
The collection of hardware.

Why did I participate is a bike tour this year? Well, the team made a commitment to raising money for MS and the MS150 was the obvious vehicle to do that. The experience of riding a tour is something that I haven’t had in a few years. The mindset that one must obtain is one of a moderate pace with frequent stops. In order to set my mind correct I decided to give the Borthwick a rebirth of sorts. An Eno hub, some new bars, and a modest gear were all I needed. The Borthwick is my old hand crafted stead created in a Marshalltown, Iowa basement, which has taken me on every MS150 I have ridden.

The Borthwick.

I convinced a fellow teammate, Brian “the Hammer”, to ride the century options each day on a fixed gear. There turned out to be four fixed rider but we were the only two to ride back to back centuries. The routes were far from easy even for an experienced cyclist sporting a derailleur which raised the challenge for those of us fixed. The hardest part was the end of day one when we skirted Carter Lake and Horsetooth reservoir with constant ups and downs, the downs being the most draining. An over night stop at the CSU campus before doing the route in almost reverse with the century loop heading up Rist canyon a bit before heading to the nasty climb up Horsetooth reservoir before rejoining the rest of the masses. Rollers to the finish in Broomfield reeked havoc on the already tired legs. We finished, completing 200 miles in two days on fixed geared bikes and I raised 700 dollars for MS.

The Team.


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