Friday, July 20, 2007

More road, less dirt

Where do the days go? The summer schedule has been busier that ever - kid activities, spousal running ambitions, and racing in circles. With the end of summer almost in sight the mind is starting to turn back to the dirt/ 'cross. I have taken the past few months to fuel that roadie urge. It has helped to be racing on a fairly new team that currently has the desire to race. Some off my teammates my be more movitate than I to move up a category but my reasons for racing are plain and simple - Fun! I have been able to race at least once a week for the last two months, which I have to say has really done wonders for fitness and overall joy of cycling. I don't have that mid-summer feeling of burnout or not wanting to ride, instead the desire to continue to race/ride is even stronger. I was hoping to end my road season with some good racing in Salida or catching a few days of SuperWeek, but they will have to wait until next year. This will be a good lull of activity if I want to have the motivation to continue racing until mid-December.
A couple links to prepare for my favorite season:

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