Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Like olde times

Spent the weekend getting the legs worked over skiing with my cousin and his wife. They are both exceptional skiers and had a blast skiing the top of the mountain off Peak 7 and 8. I grew up skiing with my cousins every weekend at a small resort in Michigan, now that we live in Colorado we have only skied a handful of times. Need to change that.

Recovered yesterday with a bad case of intestinal distress (getting it out of the way now).

Terlingua Information:
Weather Forecast:
Friday - High 62F, Low 34F
Saturday - High 67F, Low 39F
It looks like Notorious and I are racing the 50k singlespeed class whilst Cellarrat is tackling the 100k on his fixed gear.


Cellarrat said...

yippie! Not cold nuff to freeze water!

Can't wait when do I need to meet you guys?

Cellarrat said...

this may be really dumb....

I'm thinking about taking the kona paddy wagon with 35c tires...

Is it very sandy down there?

Notorious B.I.L. said...

Guys, I have crazy SICK!!! I havent called because I cant talk. I am much better today and I am rocking the meds. I am still planing on going. If my voice comes back sometime today I will call. Or I will try to call Wednesday. The worst part about this is "no drinking, while using the meds."