Thursday, February 08, 2007

K pasa!

Woke this morning to a foggy sky and even foggier head. But like the motto goes "Onward thru the Fog"! I dug deep and spent some time on the trainer then headed over to GMRC for Indoor Cycling Class and weights - felt mucho better after that.

Getting psyched for the trip to Terlingua. It is going to be a long drive through UFO infested airspace but in my opinion completely worth the risk of abduction. Last time I made the trip was in 2003 when it was a stage race in Lajitas and the first race out there was in 1994. Only missed one year from 1994 to 2001 before moving to Colorado. Some years it was the only mtn bike race I did. Still working on what gear to run but may just be conservative and run a 32x18 on the 29er WaltWorks.

Terlingua Information:
Terlingua (Tur-ling-gwah) and nearby Study Butte (Stoodi Beaut) are located in South Brewster County, Texas, in the Heart of the Big Bend country. A one-of-a-kind community with loads of colorful history, ancient and current. Even the name, Terlingua, meaning Three languages (in one interpretation), lends itself to the multi-cultural nature of the area. At one time, the main players were Indians, Mexicans, and Anglos. (Tres Linguas). In the current history, even more cultures have found their way here. Becoming downright crowded with cultural aspects. In days of old, farming, ranching and hunting were the mainstays. Then came the miners and more civilization. Real schools, stores, roads, motor vehicles. Nowadays, the farms and ranches are mostly gone. The mines closed and sealed. Modern roads and byways, UPS, FedEx and other services have arrived. Most all modern conveniences are available. Motels, restaurants, RV parks, camping areas, vehicle repair facilities, and even fresh vegetables. It's not the middle of nowhere anymore, but there is still plenty of "wild country" left to explore and admire. Raft trips, Jeep tours, and horseback rides are available. Nature walks, birding expeditions, mountain climbing and the like can be arranged with little effort. And the scenery!! Sunrises and Sunsets unequaled literally take your breath away. Absolutely gorgeous!

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