Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Where did the time go?

I don't know where I been or what I have been doing that has kept me away from updating lately. After the forced rest, I have started to ramp back up to finish off the season. Last week was a great week of training with lots of hard efforts that left the legs a tad stressed for Saturday's race. Settled for 18th as I couldn't seem to stay with the guys passing me. Legs came around for Sunday's race which I moved it up a few places to 11th. It always seems my Sunday race is better, both mentally and physically.

This week is looking to be another great week of training, even with Rene enduring the cold up in Calgary. Headed to GMRC for a new spin class today as the wind was howling so bad that the idea of hauling a small child in the trailer wasn't going to happen. The new lady really understands cyclists and gave me a pretty good workout, I did stay an extra 30min to knock out some more hard efforts.

With the CX season still in full swing, it has been hard to think much past December for those 2007 events. But some I am at least considering:
Mas O Menos - time to get back to the roots
TIv3 - ?, some unfinished business
Dirty Kanza - fits nicely into the master plan
24hr in the Sage - missed last year
Salida Ominum - need to do it again

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