Wednesday, November 29, 2006


They say change is good, but........
We found out this week that after a 6 year run in Colorado, it may be coming to an end. They are closing my wife's office as of January 5th. This will open up those opportunities that were unotherwise not considered, like me actually finding a job and contributing to society (okay thats a stretch). At least my wife has stayed connected over the past 6 years and the thought of being without a job isn't the problem. What is at issue is where we are going to be in 3 months.

Here are our options:
-A long commute to the Republic of Boulder
-A chilly location down the mountain from Banff
-A place we have already called home once
-A couple faraway locations here or here (Would race Merida series instead of TIv3)
-Or back to the land of Milk and Honey

Taking the day off today to get some domestic chores completed.

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Paddy Humenny said...

holy crap..that's crazy!

well, if ya can make it work, come to Canada...we're thinking of staying(in the country) but moving 1300kms West, so you'd have someone to drink with(not that thats are hard thing to find ...anywhere