Friday, August 04, 2006


A week of training by using the age old method of drinking beer instead of water to improve tolerance to dehydration. Tuesday, SC and Notorious met at mi casa for a ride to the watch some baseball. Rolled through the burbs of D and diced it up with some downtown urban riding. Watched the game, more beer, then sprinted to Mead St for a meal in a glass. Rode home and fell asleep on the couch. Great night!
So, Thursday rolled around, I did some more. Drove to D, parked the car, rode to Stranahans for the tour and a sample. Cellarrat was celebrating a bday. Meandered down to Swankys for PBRs and talk of cycling. Meet some folks from Flying Dog and Salvagetti. Then off to Pints Pub for a pint. Left Cellarrat to consume more as I headed home. On the ride back to the Westy, I saw large heads being projected on to the side of a building - freaked me out a bit.
I accomplished the goal, as today I am dehydrated!

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Cellarrat said...

Thanks for coming!

Nice to know I helped in your trianing this week ;)