Friday, June 30, 2006

Western States Recap

Two runners and a pacer the day before the start.

The start was a blur as the runners took off at what appeated to be a brisk walk. They only had a few miles of climbing before they reached the first aid station.

Nikki rocked the course again, winning her second WS in the past three years. I got the opportunity to chat with her after her first win and she really is down to earth.

My brother after 30 miles and one hot canyon. His feet were soaked from the snow fields and his shirt soaked with sweat. The crew packed him in snow and filled him full of fluid before sending him out.

Rene was disappointed to here my brother drop from the race at mile 50 after the second brutely hot canyon. Only 56 % of the runners made it all the way to Auburn. Rene was able to pace a friend of my brothers. They headed out at 10 pm in a moonless sky.

Only 9 miles left from the Hwy 49 aid station. The heat was already building. Just a note: hot chocolate and instant coffee makes a concoction that taste much like battery acid (but did manage to wake me up a bit).

Rene finishing her pacing duties and crossing the line in Auburn, CA. 38 miles in a little over 12 hours with major one river crossing (by raft). Rene's runner finished in just over 29 hours. The times for this years race seemed to be slower than the past two years, whish can be attributed to the 100 degree temps.

She finished with Dirty Feet!

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Cellarrat said...

You runners are sick freaks...

Sounds like a crazy race