Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No transition for me..................

Normally at this point in the season I am making a quick transition to running in order to pace my Brother the last 38 miles of Western States. This year is different and I can say it is kinda nice. I do enjoy the mid-year break from cycling and the challenges running 12 hours at night bring, but staying on the bike and keeping some form are going to be good going into July. The last few years July has been a recovery month as I ramp up for the Fall. 38 miles tends to take a lot out of my legs, considering I only would run the month of June and last years longest run was no more that 1.25 hours. This year Rene is taking the reins as I help in the crewing aspect. The only thing that worries me is that Rene will start wanting to run 50 and 100 mile runs. That would mean 2 endurance athletes in the house vying for the limited amount of free time.

Did my first Crit of the year, it was fast and fun but I had a stupid mechanical which caused my wheel to come asckew and the tire to rub on my frame. It irked me a tad. Rode to the crit, raced and rode home which turned out to be a great day of riding. I might work a couple more crits in for a little redemption in July.

We have altered out plans for the summer which has been good for riding but we are missing out on heading my daughters birth place, Ausin (Texas). The family was looking forward to cruising the streets on the tandem, swimming at the springs, and eating loads of tex-mex. At least there is tex-mex in the mountains!

All for now, work to be done.

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Lutao said...

Looking forward running w/ Rene, think she'll get the bug.