Thursday, June 22, 2006

Support Role time

It is time to head off to the Tahoe region of California to support my brother in his effort to complete the Western States 100 mile endurance run for the third time. Rene is excited to be able to join us and pace him for the last 38 miles. I will just be crewing this year, which means leapfrogging the runners in order to keep them motivated and properly fueled. I will try and run/hike with them from Rucky Chucky to Greengate and from Robie Point to the Finish. I will post some pictures here when I return. I wish my brother and Cellarrat great adventures in the coming days/weeks.

When you are 99 miles into a 100-mile running race, your brain is not the same brain you started with." - Paul Huddle

Here is a picture of the new kit. This is before the Winter Park race while I still look fresh. A weekend off the bike but will try and get in a run or two. Next up for me is the Firecracker 50 on the 4th of July.

This is how we roll in the summer. The tandem has a kid stoker kit mounted on it and I just put the front rack on to carry our stuff. Notice the old KUSR sticker on the bag, the ISU campus radio station that was a main stay for alternative music in a sea of BAD 80's rock.

Far Off the Track"
"If you're heading out there
I'll give you a tip
It's wild and it's far
And you're in for a trip.
For just when you think
It couldn't get rougher
The path goes crooked
And the going gets tougher.
But once you've traveled
This far off the track
You won't settle for less
And there's no going back."
-- Patrick O'Leary



Dave said...

My 2 yr/old + 10 mo. digs the tandem. How about a side shot. The wife used to DJ on KSUR. CB100 sneaking up on us. See you there.

David Pals

Cellarrat said...

Good luck on the fc50.... mabe see you at cb100.