Monday, April 03, 2006

Saturday ride

A 4 am start to a 100 mile day. Actually, it was more like 4:20 am as the dog was getting sick and pacing around the house. I headed out with the temps in the 40s which quickly dipped into the low 20s as I hit the Bear Creek Trail. It is about a 6 mile descent to Morrison where I pick up the trail, so I spent some time trying to warm up after the chilly ride down. Made my way over to Cherry Creek SP, pealed some clothes and rode home. The sun came out for awhile but was rather elusive most of the day.

Random TI thoughts I had on the ride:
What tires?
Will the bar in Mallard suck me in again?
Are pickled gizzards and eggs good endurance food?
Should I buy a lottery ticket at every stop?
Is PBR good for recovery?

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